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[gym label]Source: China Transportation News This Internet News April 15th▼◇◁, Searching is officially released in Beijing, this meeting aims to create a cold-chain zero-scale industry alliance through preaching search and cold network innovation model, and discuss national cold The development trend of chain flow mutual benefit and win-win▷□◇▼. It is understood that the search-in refinement is based on “exchange” as the core○△, and the professional cold chain logistics Internet platform is built to create a single resource-shared Internet platform for the national medium and small cold chain enterprises to promote the standardization and systemization of the cold chain industry logistics. At the meeting□▪, the founder of search and cold network Liu Yuze shared a cognition and idea for the cold chain logistics industry. ■▽”Compared with 99% of cold chain transportation in developed countries, there are only 15% of my country. And there is no professional company specializing in cold chain bales in China.” Liu Yuze said that in the current new retail conce?

Original title: Things to develop to this day, the responsibility is fully in the US “Peoples Daily” (July 14, 2018) “Notice on 301 Survey” on July 10▽▼, 2018, China Ministry of Commerce 12th issue a statement. For the US related to the disaggite of China and the United States○◁••, the experts did not conduct active response, experts generally believe that this is not in line with fact★△. All always, China attaches great importance to and takes a positive action to respond to the US concerns, and the United States is ignored to Chinas efforts, ignore the multilateral rules◁□□▽, and insisted on achieving unilateral trade protectionism to achieve their goals, things develop to today, the responsibility is all in the US●•. China actively improves bilateral trade conditions-□▷, and actively understanding the disagreement of China and the United States claims that “always patient” work○◁△△.

Source: Beijing Daily Original title: The city mobilization order•★-□, Cai Qi, Chen Jining came to Yanqing! The city has fully promoted the Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association Work Mobilization Deployment Conference, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee▷▼▪, Cai Qi□▽▷, came to Yanqing to regulate the construction of winter Olympics, and promote the preparation work on site. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Chen Jining Cai Qi, Chen Jining on the small sea of ​​1480 meters above sea level■▷☆△, in the field◇◁, see the progress of the high mountain ski••▪, snow sleigh and peripheral supporting integrated pipe gallery. The mountains in the early spring have been god in life, and the future tracks are beginning to show the imagination of people s Winter Ousae event in the 2022. The construction of the venue focuses on the ecology, and the protecting plants are marked and the surface peeling is stored in future ecological repairs. Cai Qi is affirmed here, he is a construction party, mountain la custom breathable fleece jacket manufacturer!hoodies supplier – yoga wear supplr mens white varsity jacket polyester t-shirts wholesale,