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[wholesale coat]Original title: More than children need to reduce the burden of parents▼-, ▷■”focus on solving the extracurricular burden of primary and secondary schools-△▲” becoming one of the topics of the two conferences▪□☆. From Li Keqiangs government work report, the four programs of the Education Minister responded to the =•◆”Three Polls■▲”, and the ▲•▽”Notice on Enestalling the Extracurricular Burden of Primary and Secondary School Training Institutions▪-○△” from the Si Duals of the Ministry of Education•…□▽. To the number of proposals in the representative committee, there is no display of comprehensive education reform, reduce the determination and strength of students and parents, and effectively responded to social concerns and worthy. Primary and secondary school students are wealthy and heavy☆=◇, and it is the trouble of growth. The development of urban quality education resources is not unobstructed, and it is not a good new month, but its development is far from the rapid development of urbanization-△◆. In 20.

Xinhua News Agency, May 27 (Reporter Gamanian) Data of the Agricultural Rural Rural Hall of Tibet Autonomous Region◆◆■, in 2021, Tibet will add and transform more than 200,000 mu of basic farmland, implementing 20,000 mu of cultural quality, construction●=◇△, construction 750,000 mu of high standard farmland■■•. By 2025, Tibet will build 3 million acres of high standard farmland, and the coverage of green-ranking has reached 95%◁◆=. Affected by the climate◇-◁●, the proportion of low-yield fields in Tibet, plus traditional farming is relatively placed, and for a long time, the food production is at a low level, and the main product you cant even meet the needs of the local people. In recent years◇▪…△, in order to improve food production, Tibet actively implemented cultivated land transformation▪△, through the high standa?

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions●◁▷, Shandong Provincial High Court, Zhang Antian◁▷△, talked about the “live broadcast”•=: the trial became a national sharing◁◆, vivid public legal class New Beijing News News (Reporter Chen Peng Shu Liang) March 9 On the afternoon, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a plenary meeting◁…★, in the pre-meeting …●•-“representative channel” interview•▷, the National Peoples Congress▪▷, the Dean of the Senior Peoples Court of Shandong Province▷☆, Zhang Antian, talked about the practice of “judicial public”. In his view◇☆•▼, the live broadcast of the online broadcast of the trial of the Just Idea of ​​the Just Impathetic Jiji, which turned the trial into a public sharing and vivid public legal class…○. “During the trial of the Just Improvial Injury Case, we use the picture plus video to broadcast the evidence, etc.▼▷-•, and release 165 microblogs, with more than 70 million hits…▽. Not on…•▷▪.