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[moroccan tunic tops]China New Network May 27th, according to the official WeChat news news of the Jiangmen High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, 10:35 on May 26, the Jianghai District reported that there were people in the five or four villages in the ritual music street. After receiving the report, the emergency, public security, fire protection and other departments quickly came to the rescue, rescued 6 staff members in the well, and sent to the hospital for treatment△●. After receiving the report, the main leaders of the Jianghai District Party Regional Government rushed to the scene to organize relevant departments. According to the survey, the initial cause of accidents is that six staff members in the lower day of the dredging effort▽▲, inadvertently suck in toxic gases, fall into the well water, causing the poisoning drowning. After 6 people were sent to the hospital, 4 of them were rescu.

Original title: (Times) Hu Chunhua hosted the first China International Import Expo Preparatory Committee Second Meeting Xinhua News Agency Beijing April 16, the first China International Import Expo Preparation Committee was held in Beijing on the 16th. Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier of the State Council, director of the Preparatory Committee, presided over the meeting and speaking. Hu Chunhua emphasized that China International Import Expo is, is a major decision-making that the Party Central Committee adopts a new round of high-level opening up, which is a major initiative to open market to the world. To be guided by Xi Jinpings new era, in-depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping▼▼◆-, the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, in accordance with government work report•■, and seriously do a good implementation▽□, and solidly promote preparations▪▲•●, one piece of implementati?

Original title: April 4th – April 12, Boao District Scenic Spot Suspension Received Troupe March 31○△…◇, 2018○▷=, Hainan Qionghai, staff in the Asian Forum Convention Center Square. Visual China Map March 30★□, the reporter learned from the Hainan Qionghai City Tourism Commission, from April 4th to April 12th, each travel agency suspended a group to visit the Scenic Spot attractions in Boao District. Hainan Provincial Tourism Quality Supervision Administration is intended to turn off the scenic spot of Boao District■○☆, including the Boao Forum for Asia forum, Boao Shuicheng Tourist Scenic Area (Address▽△▼, Asia Forum)▽▼◇□, Qionghai Multi River Cultural Valley Tourist Area. If the travel agency is scheduled to arrange the scenic spot•▽…, please call the group…-▲■, please adjust the electronic stroke, please adjust it in tim.

Original title▪□: Commissioner hot discipline could not keep up: ◁◆▼★”Scientists must dare to stand up and tell the truth” to establish △■”Scientist Database” as soon as possible, and implement the pendor-opening of the rumors “Some things are not clear□☆▷▽, I dont know how to clearly, I must clearly Tell the people, dont talk about the truth, scientists should dare to stand up and tell the truth◁▲…○! “On March 12th■★-, the Chinese Academy of Sciences National Observatory researchers stunned this sentence in the group discussion of other groups•◆★☆. The members present have opened =★△”words”◆★△. As a researcher of the National Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences○○▽△, Wu Shiping has witnessed many “fake news.▼●” He played a bit□▽▪▼: such as the discussion of the problem of smog, whenever a new round of invasion…-▷, the media will find relevant experts to analyze, predict, and finally□▼●, partial clothing wholesalers in philadelphia reviews made in america tshirts, wholesale clothes in new york!