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[bomber jacket wholesale]Original title: Ma Xiaowei was appointed director of the National Health Committee□■☆◇: Explorer picture from the reform of the University Hospital Source: Visual China March 19th, the 13th National Peoples Congress, a meeting of voting, and decided Ma Xiaowei as director of the National Health and Health Committee. Subsequently…-▲, the President Xi Jinping signed the chairman, appointing the 59-year-old Ma Xiaowei as director of the National Health and Health Committee. He is about to face a newly established department. After integrating the health functions of multiple administrative departments, the main responsibility of the newly established National Health and Health▽◇○, the development of national health policies, coordinating the development of the medical and health system reform●●•▽, organizing the national basic drug system, supervising and management of public health△◆□◆, medical Service, health emergency, responsible for family planning management and service work, planning to address aging, medical combination polici■●▽◆.

Original title△△•: US-Japan India •▪☆”enclose□▷=” China◇▽, confronting the “one way☆☆▼”? Wang Yi: During the small circle, there is no market liberation date△◇▷…. Investors, Zhu Yizhen, Wang Hai Yan, Chen Hao○-…, who responded to the “India” strategy, said Wang Yi said that there is an endless in the world, just like the spray on the Pacific Ocean. Some people rendering the so-called printing strategy is to enclose China, but the four officials immediately came out, they did not intend to target any country. I hope they are telling the truth, I hope they are consistent□…▲. Is the “Mattar Strategy” aimed to confront the =●◇”all the way” initiative? Wang Yi said that “all the way” has received more than 100 countries, it is in that place…▷•. In todays era★▲■◁, there is no time to pick up the cold war●•, and then dont have a small circle against the market◆★=. Cli.

Original title…△◆▪: Supreme Law: Severe punishment of the Internet to infringement of minors Crime Xinhua News Agency Beijing June 1 (Reporter Luosha) The Supreme Peoples Court released the use of Internet invasion of minors in the peoples court in recent years in recent years The sample case, give full play to the typical case specifications, guidance, evaluation, leading the judicial function of social value-▪, and creates a clear network space for the healthy growth of minors. These 10 cases are: Lin Moumou passed the net approximated childrens case▪◇, and Shi Moumou took the nude loan to extort the casual case, Pangmou and others met the rape case, Yang Mou fake borrowed a fascinating case□◆=▷, Qiao Moumou with video The naked chat method is a child case●◇▲, Ye Moujia has trafficking drugs to minors through the network, and Liu Mou offers a false network technical fraud case, Jiang Mous online false sales fraud case, Wa□☆.

Original title○▲: A group of data: Tear the native mask of the United States, a “big plan” floating the surface ..=▼. The US Trump government announced that the taxation of Chinas trade is in order to protect national security and solve intellectual property issues=☆■▷. Listening to the reason “just”◆▪, however, is the truth? CCTV North American Reporter Wang Guans observation ↓ Reute the “national security-◇★▪” mask=○●-. The US Trump Government announced that the tax payment of Chinas trade was announced-▲, □○◆”This is to protect US national security and solve intellectual property issues.” This Trump governments trade warfare mainly has two wheel offensive, which can be simply from 232 and 301□▪. The former is Trump invoked the US “1962 Trade Expansion Law▪•=▷” 232 to endanger the national security as steel from Chin◆▷■▪! workout clothing wholesale vendorsapparel wholesale companies.

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