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[sublimation wholesale suppliers near me]Recently, the three hospital cadres in Anhui accept the investigation□▷★. Specifically•▼▪◆, Ding Yasong, deputy secretary of the Party Branch of Ningguo City Hospital, and Ding Yisong accept the review investigation and investigating deputy secretary of the party branch of Ningguo▲★=▷, Ding Yam is suspected of serious violation of law and discipline, currently accepting Disciplinary review and monitoring investigation. (Xuancheng Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission) Wang Huahong•▷■▼, Vice President of Wuhu City Second Peoples Hospital, was survey▽▪☆, said that Wang Huahong, deputy dean of Wuhu City Second Peoples Hospital▲■, is suspected of serious violations=◁☆◇, and is currently undergoing monitoring investigation☆◆△=. (Wuhu Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission) Ye Haibin★▼…, Vice President of Huangshan City Third Peoples Hospital▼▷, was accepted on investigating Vice President Ye Haibin, Vice President Huangshan City, suspected of violation of law and discipline▷•□●, currently under disciplinary review and monitoring investigation. (Huangshan Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection) Editor: Chen Wei SN2▲▷.

Wuhan Yangluo – Smart Port Operation Efficient (Looking at China) This reporter Qiangwen galloped along Fuyin Expressway★★◆, from Wuhan Ring Expressway, rushing to Yanglapping Bridge, 15 minutes=△★, arrive in Wuhan Hong Kong Yang Logo Port Area Phase II Container Terminal. The co-truck shuttle□○○, the gantry is dancing…☆◇▼, and the container is stacked. Every day◁=, the goods are gathered by all sides……△, and they are boring in the sea or the mainland. □△◁▪”Ship head△▲□:” On the Pier, Wu Minghao○▽, the staff of Wuhan Port Container Co.■◇□, Ltd., held a walkie-talkie and the captain▷●, directed from the “Hanhai No▷□☆. 5○•” round from Shanghai Yangshan Port. This is a new ship of rivers and sea, which can load 1140 standard boxe.

Zhongxin Net Foshan May 28 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) Guangdong Foshan Municipal Government Information Office notified on May 27th△▲□◇, Foshan Chancheng District is in the secret screening of Moumou, Guangzhou asymptomatic infection. I found an example of unscrupulous infected people-○○. Subsequently, the Foshan discovers 20 people with a close contact with Wang, involving 10 in the event space, and 120 close contacts. 4 people involved in the foreign market have notified the relevant provincial investigation management. In order to do our utmost to investigate potential risks□□, Foshan is a nucleic acid screening of the cells, units◆☆, schools in the close contact○▽▲. In addition▲…=◆, due to the companys nucleic acid detection, Nanhai District, Foshan City has been carried out from May?