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[insulated ski jacket factory][Wang Yi: ▲□◆”China Threat Theory” has a new release◇•, but it is more unhappy] Foreign Minister Wang Yi: “China Threat Theory” has a new release…•, but it is more unhappy. China is the main contributor of global economic growth; China is the main contributor of global poverty reduction▪●▼; China is still the main contributors of world peace. For these facts, as long as there is no prejudice◇●☆▽, do not pursue a double standard, which is never threatened, but a full opportunity. The so-called “China Threat Theory” can take a break●☆. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Liu Longlo▲▷.

(Anti-neozopenenepid pneumonia) Hong Kong has no new diagnosis case in Hong Kong, China☆◇, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, May 28△◆, Hong Kong SAR Government Health Protection Center announced on the 28th, as of zero-■…★, zero, Hong Kong did not record new crown pneumonia A diagnosis case○☆. This is no new diagnosis case in Hong Kong for day 2★=▼☆. In the past 14 days△◆•=, Hong Kongs accumulated reports have been reported in 20 cases-…★, and 5 of which were confirmed by the source, 1 cases of visual diagnosis. Up to now, there are 11,837 cases in Hong Kongs neogong pneumonia, including 11,863 cases of confirmation cases and 1 suspicious case☆○▽=. The spokesperson of the Health Protection Center said that the epidemic in the world is still very sever.

[Information Notification] At 11:23, March 25◇☆, the public security Wuqing Branch reported: two cars collided with the two cars in Bali Zhuang, Guanzheng Town, Wuqing District, causing 3 deaths and 4 injuries. Among them, a car is a white Chuanqi SUV, a total of 6 people○=○, 4 of which have been injured to the district hospital treatment, and there is no life-threatening◁▪△. Another car is a red Changan sedan=▽▽▽, a total of 3 people, rescued, and it has been confirmed that 3 people have died. After the accident, the Wuqing District Committee▲=▽△, the district government attaches great importance to that the district committee and district government is responsible for comrades to make arrangements for the first time●◁▪▼, the public security martial arts committee, the district emergency office and other departments have rushed to the scene for disposal. At present, the rescue of the wounded, the accident investigation, the death of the death and injury is being launched in order◁■, and the cause of the accident is under investigation. Source: Wuqing releas★◇▲.

Original title•△▪◇: I am very powerful, my army weaponry▪•: can be fundamentally here. Source: China Voice Technology is the core combat power from two major parade to see our military equipment development in this five-year decoding big national weight, escort new era Tiananmen Square to Zhu Japan and Training Field•▽-, through the window of the military, domestic and foreign media compete to interpret new technologies in recent years in recent years. Refented weapons, the military in which our army has been equipped in the development of development; the military parade is a prism for the new era of science and technology■◆◇. The equipment displayed on the military is a minor shadow of the entire military equipment system, which is a transcript of the Chinese army to promote the practice of science and technology. From this transcript, we touched the strong pulsation of the Chinese army▲△. Great country, for n◁◆.