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[legging companies]Xinhua News Agency•▼◇, Zhengzhou, March 18 (Reporter Shuangrui) At 8:00-▷◆, with the opening of the Yellow River Inner Mongolia, the opening of the Yellow River=•●, Ling Feng flood safety entered the Yellow River Wanjiazhai water conservancy hub, the Yellow River 2017-2018 was officially ended. The reporter learned from the Yellow River Water Conservancy Committee of the Water Conservancy that the Yellow River Inner Mongolia River section begins to Drain, on November 18, 2017-▽, first sealed on December 4▷■, on March 18□△, 2018, opened in the whole line, Ling Feng period lasted 121 days■=•▽. During the blocked the river, it was stable, and there was no bigger danger and disaster▪◇▼. Ling Zhen is due to the clogging of the ice dam burst into ice or ice○◆••, causing the river in a phenomenon that the river is not smooth. The Yellow River Basin Things spans 23 longities, the north-south separation of 10 latitures, terrain and landforms are different, and the runoff is also mo!

Beijing News (Reporter Li Yukun Guo Chao) Today (March 10) In the afternoon, the 13th National Peoples Congress a meeting held a group meeting, continued to consider the two high reports. The representative of the National Peoples Congress, Vice President of China University of Political Science and Law, said in the statement=□, Beijing, Shenzhen as the central city of the Internet, should set up the Internet court as soon as possible. When I speaking, I said to the experience of the establishment of the Internet Court in Hangzhou, Beijing●☆□○, Shenzhen as the central city of Internet development▷▲, should be established as soon as possible. So□◆★▽, what is the characteristics of Beijings Internet courts? Yu Zhigang believes that the positioning of the Internet Court must be precise=○…●, the Internet court is not a distance trial, not only convenient for ordinary people online account, remote video trial, online delivery, this is just an interconnecti□□▼.

[The Honghe State Discipline Committee responded to the ▽☆”multi-bus weekend to enter the hotel”] Original title▷★△: Yunnan Honghe Discipline Committee responded to “Multi-bus weekend to enter the hotel”☆▪: Participate in on March 24▲◇◆■, the Honghe State Discipline Committee received online report■•, Calling Honghe Prefecture Multi-official car on the same day 8…■:30 to 9:00 in the hotel□••…, alleged bus private issues. In this regard, the Red River State Discipline Inspection is promptly investigated and responded△◁▲. After investigation, on the afternoon of March 23□•▷, the Honghe State Committee held the “CCP Honghe State Committee Rural Work Conference☆…□” in the Honghe Hall of the Mongolia, and the meeting ended around 18:10, the station is not in the accommodation of the participants in Meng Tianyuan Hotel. On March 24th, the Honghe Prefecture Agriculture Bureau held the “State Agricultural Work Association” in the conference room, and the accommodation site is also arranged in Mengz. custom ph t shirt printing fabric printing jersey custom windbreaker set wholesale green and yellow varsity jacket custom activewear canada,