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[neon yoga clothes]Today (27th)◇■, the Ministry of Transport said that after the Yunnan, Qinghai earthquake■=, some traffic infrastructure has damage■•●=. As of the 26th-▲, the damaged highway and the national trunk road of Yunnan and Qinghai have all been robbed. The road sections still have fallen stones, and in the case of the road, other roads are normal◁★▽. Railways•○★○, civil aviation=•☆, postal have returned to normal state. After the earthquake in Yunnan County□▷, Qinghai Mado County earthquake, the Ministry of Transportation launched the Transportation II emergency response. At 9 oclock on the 22nd, the Ministry of Transport launched a Level II emergency response, and established an emergency work leading group, continuously convene a leading group meeting from 22 to 24, and studied deployment of post-disaster emergency disposal wor○=…▼!

Huashang News (Reporter Li Lin) Recently, the province held a public hospital remuneration system reform pilot work video conference, fully spreading the reform of public hospital salary and institutions. The meeting further clarified the relevant policies, requiring reasonable determination of the salary structure of public hospitals, further improving the proportion of post performance wages, performance salary▲◇◁▼, in principle, no less than 60% of the total performance salary. Rationally determine the level of remuneration of public hospitals, and the pilot can determine the level of remuneration of public hospitals according to the local situation, in principle, in principle, in principle, in principle, in principle, within 3 times the average level of performance wages in the same level. Promoting the main person in charge of the public hospital▲-, the main person in charge of public hospitals should maintain reasonable relationship with the pay level of the medical staff of the hospital, in principle▲○, must not exceed the average salary level of the medical staff of the hospita.

Original title: Urgent front apparel wholesale companies mens navy blue tracksuit usa made leggings! Anhui Medical Switzerland Source: Legal Evening News Anhui Medical Duty System 5 months 16 people Fall Ma Legal Evening News · View (Reporter Pang Wei) On May 30-□, the Wuhu Municipal Supervision Committee transferred•▪, Wuhu Municipal Peoples Procuratorate According to the law, Wang Huaihong, the former Vice President of Wuhu City Second Medical Group, and the Second Peoples Hospital for accepting bribes-=. On the day before, the Wuhu Municipal Supervision Committee was transferred, and the Wuhu Municipal Peoples Procuratorate made decisions according to law, with the crime of accepting bribes, the original president of Wuhu City Second Peoples Hospital▷■…, Wuhu Municipal Health Bureau▪…▷△. He Si Zhong was arrested★▼. According to reports, the case is the promotion of the first sample of the Wuhu City Procuratorate to transfer the review and sued cases since the promotion of the pilot work of the monitoring system reform. I also came to the same day, Xuanche.wholesale custom clothing manufacturers – who sacrop tops.