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[yellow windbreakers]Original title: Guangdong Shandong two main officers public bright? On March 6◆-▼=, Guangdong Provincial Governor Ma Xingrui admitted that □□”the high-speed railway of Guangdong Province has been in the” Guangdong high-speed railway “in the group seminar of the Guangdong Provincial Delegation. He said that “Guangdong high-speed rail line only in 350km is only Guangzhou – Shenzhen – Hong Kong, and Wuhan-Guangzhou Railway. The main population of Guangdong Province has gathered in coastal and high-speed rail construction.” It is particularly worth noting that he mentioned the traffic situation in the southwestern part of Guangdong Province: “Especially the population of Guangzhou to Zhanjiang, there are thousands of high-speed rails to build speed at 350km◇●.” Governor can recognize the development of high-speed rail development of the province•▲=. The backward side has won the public opinion. “Sea Warehouse▷▽” (ID★▽◁•: HYCPLB) notes, Guangzhou peop△☆.

China Xinwang May 27th According to China Consular Service Network, according to the current security situation in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan have issued a new phase of security reminders•-=•, and they are valid until December 31▪□, 2021, as follows-○▼: This year , Appear is constant, the terrorism is still, the security situation is more serious•-◁. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan reminds citizens and institutions in Azu, and strengthen prevention and emergency preparation. Take strict security measures when they go out. If it is not necessary, please take it as soon as possible. In case of an emergency◆▲-, please contact the police in time and contact the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan-■. In view of the current situation, it is easy to bring huge security risks to the parties and will seriously affe○◁•◁.

Original title▲▷: Upgrade the housekeeping service industry and the precision poverty alleviation to promote the “supply side reform” of the housekeeping industry, and the poverty alleviation opportunity▪-□•. On the morning of March 8th, General Secretary Xi Jinping gave the Shandong delegation to participate in the review, said that in my countrys current development stage, the homework is a Chaoyang industry, which has met the employment needs of rural enterprises, and also meets urban family parenting. Realistic demand, to do this mutual benefit work well, do a love project. In June last year●■•, the babysitter has triggered the attention of public opinion in the country▼☆, detonating the publics trust crisis on the housekeeping market. But you cant see it▲▼, with the two children who open them and the aging, babysitting, cleaning○△◇-, security and other community ecological services in the city. Data show that the babysitted wages rose very quickly•△☆, but find a reliable babysitter☆•, sti★▼◁□! custom high waisted breeches manufacturerweight lifting clothes australia – custom rain waterproof jackets sublimation t shirts wholesale shirt manufacturers near me,