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flannel overshirt jacket.[quality blank t shirts]Original title: Chairman Yao March 2, this year, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference Yao Ming appeared in the two sessions••▽. ◁▼”Government★□” (WeChat ID: XJBZSE) noted that there is another important position of Yao Ming before attending the national two sessions – Chairman of Chinas Basketball Association is just one year. On February 23, last year, at the 9th National Congress of China Basketball Association★•, Yao Mings full vote was elected to the new Basketball chairman, and Chinas basketball ushered in another new “Yao Ming era”. At that time☆□▽, there were comments that Yao Ming was elected the chairman of the China Basketball Association. It can be said to be a landmark incident in Chinas basketball and even Chinas sports world – this is the first time to serve as the chairman of China Basketball Association, breaking the system◇□. The practice of this position. When the Chairman of the Basketball Association was elected, Yao Ming was asked to take a.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 27th: •▷▪”June 1●□” two laws, will protect “Youth” Xinhua News Agency reporter Baiyang newly revised minor protection law and prevention of minor crime, will From this year, “June 1” International Childrens Day is officially implemented. Compared with the current law, the two laws for some guardians do not perform supervision responsibility according to law, and there are further provisions of hot difficulties in the campus bullying, and all-round protect the healthy growth of minors-△△△. Guo Linmao, director of the Social Law Department of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, said in an interview with reporters, the two laws have focused on the rights and interests of minors■▷★◇, and a focus on the education saved by minor.

Original title: Jiang Yang responded to Fujikang quickly passed★▪: experienced a complete review process for the fast-moving events of Fujikang, March 9▼▲▽, March 9th, Vice President of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Jiang Yang to Securities Times The reporter said that Foxconn has passed a complete audit procedure as far as the enterprise level. Jiang Yang said that Foxconn has been announced yesterday. This is also strictly reviewed in accordance with the statutory procedures, according to the requirements of authenticity□▽▲◆, accuracy and integrity, and also to disclose it••=■. Requirements and risk reminders=★◆…, this is the requirements for the SFC on any listed company listed audits. Source: Securities Times · E Company Responsibility Editor★◇★: Guoqia.

Original title: The five major countries have returned last year, and some banks six completed employees over the 40-year-old ticket Daily on April 3, with the new China Banks annual report-○, five state-owned banks were disclosed in 2017. According to the annual report-●, the employees of the five state-owned banks are all reduced in the territory of banking institutions, including the Industrial and Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank, and the construction banks are more than 8,000, and the Bank of China only reduces 96 employees, and the number of overall employees does not fall. In response▷□•, the banking staff in the Bank of Communications decreased by 1259 people. In addition◇●▲★, in the structure of state-owned big groups, many banks more than 40 years old age employees account for more than 40%, and the employees of the Agricultural Bank more than 63% are more than 63%, of which employees aged 51 and over◆…▷. exce.