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[orange and white varsity jacket]Original title: Chanmen students 707 points to admission into Northern University, the poverty behind it is not worthy of gratitude to affirm the struggle of a family poverty, but if the public opinion will take the opportunity to take the poor state as a chicken soup, then the value and meaning of the case are biased●▽◇▷. ▲ Source△○: “He Qing Parents will” public text Liang Xin △=-▪”poverty brings far more than pain, struggle and confused. Despite it narrow my vision, stabbed my self-esteem, even indirectly took away the pro Life, but I still want to say•☆, thank you, poverty. “Recently▷•, an 18-year-old girl on himself, about poverty▲★, and article on hope, the strong repercussions of netizens▪◇•.◇☆-▼” This girl is called Wang Xinyi■•, just achieved 707 points in the college entrance examination, and was admitted by Peking University Chinese. High school students in a family have such recogniti△▼.

Original title••○: Tianjin Catering Industry Association set up a pancake scorpion branch△●…▷: let the owner have a sign according to Weibo @ 天津 日报 @ 天津 日报 March 13 news=☆, from the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce, in order to promote further healthy development in the industry, The city catering industry association pancake scorpion branch has been officially established. In August last year, the city has organized a hundred selection activities of pancakes. According to reports, the newly established city catering industry association pancakes will take this as an opportunity, based on the local, promote pancakes and chains, and improve Consumption, and collaborative Tianjin Quality Management Institute to formulate Tianjin pancake scorpion group standards, so that more practitioners can be marked, according to the standard operation, achieve industry production, hygiene◆•, and food safety. Source: Tianjin Daily Editor☆=◆: Zhang ▲=◇-.

Original title●-: How did the Taiwan Provincial Representative of the two sessions of the country produce? (Zouyuan: Hong Kong Venue) March 9th, the Peoples Great Hall Taiwan Hall, the National Peoples Congress Taiwan Provincial Delegation held an open day event. When the 13 represents the collective, many reporters present in the field took a large photo for them. Some foreign media reporters curiously asked the staff, how did the National Peoples Congress representative of the Taiwan delegation★▪◆? Why is it 13○▷? How do they have background and experience? To be honest■▽▼▲, these questions are not only curious◇▼▽, but friends in many continents also feel doubts★▪▪-. Here, the Hong Kong and Taiwan cavity will talk about the story of the National Peoples Congress Taiwan delegation. Lets first say that the member of the Taiwan delegation is elected. As we all know, due to the special political situation on both sides, direct elections from Taiw.