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[active clothing manufacturers]Original title-△: Last year•★■•, 3788 people suspected of campus bullying was sent to the center: special legislation is a top secretary of the top secrets, and the director of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorates Procuratorate Office…•, Zheng Xinqi, in an interview with reporters, 11 months ago, the national procurator A total of 3,788 pieces suspected of bullion and violent criminal cases were bullied and violently criminalized; 3494 pieces of public prosecution were mentioned 5468. “In 2002, my countrys relevant professional institutions have conducted research on campus security legislation. Japan◁◇-, the United States and other developed countries have the successful practical experience of anti-bulging special law. The special legislation is already mature…◆▲. Therefore, we call for” anti-campus bullying “as soon as possible Law. “” The reporter learned that the Central Committee of the Peoples Central Committee submitted the first meeting of the 13th National Committee of the CPPCC “Camp!

Original title: China Hong Kong will release the vegetable import restriction on Japan 4 counties after nuclear accidents [Global Network reported reporter flexing] According to Japan, July 20th, Japanese Agricultural and Forestry Aquatter announced on the 20th△▷, Chinas Hong Kong SAR Government 24 It will be partially relaxed to Japanese food import restrictions on the Fukushima nuclear accident, involving some foods such as the vegetables of Zicheng, Musk, group horses, and thousands of leaves. This is the first relaxation restriction in Hong Kong after the nuclear accident, and 4 counties will be able to export foods such as vegetables in Hong Kong. According to the report, it is relaxed to restrict vegetables=•, fruits, milk•▪◁•, milk beverages and milk powder, but the Japanese side still need to submit radioactive material examination proof documents. The same restricted Fukushima Prefectural products will not be exported▼□. According to farm water○□▲, the Hong Kong governments export conditions are outside the inspection document.

Original title▷△•: State Council: “The Wen Wen, Wen☆◇-” The notice requires, improve the evaluation incentive system that is conducive to innovation, and launched the “Wen Wen■☆, Wen•▽”, and only the degree of education. Notification requirements, effectively streamline the “hats■◁◇”▲◁□△. Under the leadership of the Central Talents Work Coordination Group, the scientific and technological field talent plan is optimized◁△●. The western region has been leaving the researchers supported by the policy to levewrough the relevant positions within the support cycle, and the corresponding support will be canceled. Carry out the scientific and technological talent program to report to the weight, one can only get a support for talent programs in the same level. Science and technology talent pl. full wetsuit bulkbuydown jacket wholesale bulk polyester shirts custom varisty jacket,