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[hemp wholesale clothing]China New Network Beijing May 27 (Xu Wei Du Yan) It is reported that the overall AIDS epidemic in Beijing is currently in low levels of epidemic. The number of new reports has dropped steadily. The sexual dissemination is still the main spread of AIDS•▪▽▪. This is the ○●▷□”Zheng Youth, Love Health-Campus” event hosted by the Beijing Semic Disease AIDS Prevention Association and the Beijing CDC jointly organized by the Beijing CDC. Teenagers are the prevention and control of the vice president of Chinas Chinas AIDS Prevention and Treatment Association, Wang Xinlun▷▽▼, introduced that AIDS is infectious disease in Chinas key prevention□□△, current AIDS has no causing drugs•◁▪, no vaccine prevention. Three main spread paths of HIV-sex, blood and maternal and child. In recent yea★•.

Original title: Guangdong Yixi two cars collided with tanker explosion only dozens of meters from the gas station●▼●■, the scene of the accident, Zhanjiang June 3 (Reporter Liang Sheng) 3:32 pm 325 National Highway Guangdong Zhanxi County Huangli Town Yuanshui Gas Station intersection▪▲, junction section of the source water intersection, an air-load liquid ammonia tank car with a silt truck collided with a silt truck□▪▷◇, which caused the tanker explosion Traffic accident=■. After receiving the report, the local government□•☆, the public security traffic police◇▽, fire protection and other departments immediately rushed to the scene to dispose-◇. At present▽◇•…, the fire has been extinguished, no casualties in the accident, the relevant work is in an orderly manner◇◁. It is understood that the accident is only ten meters away from the Sinopec Suxiyuan water gas station▪◁. When the incident, the liquid ammonia tank car is just empty car, otherwise the consequences are unimaginable. (Finis?

Original title: 寅 卯 卯…▪■☆, the US economy contains a risk (economic perspective) □■-“Peoples Daily” (24, 2018, 22 Edition▷★●, 22nd Edition), the CEO of the US Old Internet Loan Institution Credit Club, CEO, Samber, recently held in San Francisco At the summit, 45% of Americans were consumed△○▼★, which is like walking wires. From the perspective of savings, the basic emergency funds that are close to half of the Americans are not available. By 2050, Americans have a total of approximately 137 trillion US dollars in retirement savings, which expands $ 300 million a year•★=☆. The consumption of borrowing is the universal phenomenon of Americans. Many people rely on college=▪, learning loans; buying a car is car loan; buying a house is a mortgage★◇▷; in addition to this “three big loans▪◇●”○▼◁, there is another inseparab■△.

Original title: The United States requires China asking China to not further ban imported waste metal last July last year, China decided not to import a variety of “foreign garbage”, let Europe and the United States have a time in hand-◆◁, fall in panic◆●•. According to Reuters on March 24th, US Friday (23rd) requires China not to further ban imported waste metal■□. At the WTO Conference held on Friday, representatives of the United States expressed concerns about China import ban and postpass a variety of waste metal import standards□■○. “Chinas import restrictions on recovery products have greatly interrupted the operation of global waste metal supply chains, and the waste metal is not recycled, but is abandoned.■●▷▪” A waste metal processing point in Nanjing (visual China map) USA The representative said that the concern of the Chinese side in the environmental issues, but Chin.hemp t shirt wholesale bulk polyester shirts stepper aerobic,